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Welcome to April Cotton Dyck's Consciousness Art Studio! Here you will find a selection of unique fine art pieces, books, and video presentations all inspired by April's imagination.

April's artwork is an exploration of the cosmic realm, and of the beauty and mystery of the energetic world. Every piece of art has its own story to tell, and its own special energy. Whether you're looking for a unique conversation starter for your home, or you're interested in learning more about the energetic world, April Cotton Dyck
 has something for everyone.

Video- Conscious Awareness Network - May 1, 2023

Pets Among Angels - The Complete Guide on Pet Loss by April Cotton Dyck
bubble the pet goldfish book

April Cotton Dyck is a pet owner who loves and treats her many pets as family members. She wrote a useful book, whether you are a pet owner or know someone who treats their pets as “family”.

The death of a pet can cause deep feelings of sorrow, guilt and loneliness for adults and families. This book gives encouraging methods for helping the whole family, children and seniors included, to prepare, cope and heal at the death of their animal friend.

This book defines the stages of grieving, what you can expect to feel when you lose your pet through old age, illness, sudden accident or euthanasia.

Practical information on creating ceremonies to honor the deceased pet, examples of eulogies, funeral services for pets and condolence letters.

Making Contact with Orbs

Excited to announce the release of my new book

"Making Contact with Orbs,

A Photo Journal"

Beautiful 8"x10" full color book, 135 pages featuring my recent orb photos

April Cotton Dyck - "I have seen orbs, of all sorts, with my naked eye throughout my life and starting taking photographs of them in 2017.


I curated and am sharing over 60 photos of orbs taken with a variety of cameras -

Please enjoy! "

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