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April Dyck has Mandala obsession

As an artist I have difficulty deciding what subject matter to create. I bounce from painting birds to the cosmos. I decided in the fall to focus my energy on creating beautiful Mandala's. Each is unique and one of a kind. I place my intention within the Mandala to be calming and have healing frequencies within the form and colour.

Mandalas: How the Sacred Circle Helps Us Reconnect With Ourselves

They’re omnipresent, cryptic and alluring … but what really are mandalas?

The mandala is one of the most ancient and universal symbols known to man. Meaning “circle” in Sanskrit, the mandala can be found everywhere from Palaeolithic engravings, to medieval alchemy and Tibetan Buddhism.

Mandala Meaning

At the most basic level, mandalas represent wholeness, unity and harmony. However, every mandala has a unique meaning. Throughout the world, mandalas have come to portray everything from psychological balance (Jungian psychology) and cosmic order (Taoism), to religious beliefs (Christianity) and the impermanence of life (Navajo Indians).

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