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Hi welcome to my website.  My name is April Cotton Dyck and I'm a visual artist from Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada. I have been painting and drawing since kindergarten.  


I have painted large windows, wall murals, complete rooms, buildings and my 1979 diesel rabbit. Nothing seems sacred from my paint brush, but I especially love painting on birch wood at a canvas.  My preference in medium is oil paint because it is unknown how acrylic paint will endure the centuries.


I have participated in many life drawing groups since the age of 14.  I find drawing the naked human has furthered my artistic skills because of the focus required to really see and observe. I attended Victoria College of Art and have been a member of many art groups and societies.


I generally work in series, I like to explore an idea or a technique for awhile before I move onto the next one.  I have done bodies of paintings exploring:  outer space, the cosmos, birds, people, geometry, abstract, color, angels, salmon, consciousness, cows, portraits, nature, landscapes, aliens, ascension, and military.


My paintings have been shown in art shows, at airports, at libraries and small businesses.  My first solo show was in 2014.  I won the Design Challenge for the Comox Valley Highway Welcome Signage in 2016.


At L’Arche Comox Valley I taught students to paint.  I have conducted couples painting classes in my studio and taught many children to draw.  Currently I am offering online zoom drawing classes.  I can teach anyone to observe and draw.  My confidence is because we already know how to write.  


Inspiration comes from my life experiences and I try to express in one visual image a whole story.   A picture is worth a thousand words, and I try to provoke a feeling in the viewer of my art.


In my website you will see available paintings for purchase.  I also have available instant digital downloads of my new digital paintings, drawings and sold original artwork for personal use.  


I welcome commission work, digital or paint, your inspiration, my skills, we can make something beautiful.

- check out my Original Art Gallery to view my original paintings available for purchase

Pets Among Angels - The Complete Guide on Pet Loss by April Cotton Dyck.jpeg

April Cotton Dyck is a pet owner who loves and treats her many pets as family members. She wrote a useful book, whether you are a pet owner or know someone who treats their pets as “family”.

The death of a pet can cause deep feelings of sorrow, guilt and loneliness for adults and families. This book gives encouraging methods for helping the whole family, children and seniors included, to prepare, cope and heal at the death of their animal friend.

This book defines the stages of grieving, what you can expect to feel when you lose your pet through old age, illness, sudden accident or euthanasia.

Practical information on creating ceremonies to honor the deceased pet, examples of eulogies, funeral services for pets and condolence letters.

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Excited to announce the release of my new book

"Making Contact with Orbs,

A Photo Journal"

Beautiful 8"x10" full color book, 135 pages featuring my recent orb photos

April Cotton Dyck - "I have seen orbs, of all sorts, with my naked eye throughout my life and starting taking photographs of them in 2017.


I curated and am sharing over 60 photos of orbs taken with a variety of cameras -

Please enjoy! "

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