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April Cotton Dyck is a talented visual artist, author, and photographer living in the breathtaking landscapes of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Her work reflects the natural beauty of the region, captivating audiences with its depth and creativity. As a multi-disciplinary artist, she brings a unique perspective to her art, seamlessly blending various mediums to communicate her passion for the world around her. Through her vibrant and evocative creations, April invites viewers to experience the wonders of the world through her eyes.

Angel Book Keeper by April Cotton Dyck.jpg

Awards and Achievement

April Cotton Dyck is a versatile and accomplished visual artist who has showcased her artwork in various settings, including art shows, airports, libraries, and small businesses. Her extensive experience includes winning the Design Challenge for the Comox Valley Highway Welcome Signage in 2016, marking a significant achievement in her career.

Beyond exhibiting her own work, April has actively shared her expertise with others. She has taught painting to students at L’Arche Comox Valley, organized couples painting classes in her studio, and instructed numerous children in the art of drawing. Additionally, she has led ladies' paint nights at the Friendship Centre, aiming to bring joy into their lives through creative expression.

Furthermore, April is offering small online zoom drawing classes, leveraging her skills to teach individuals how to observe and draw. Her belief in the inherent creativity of people drives her passion for teaching, as she sees drawing and painting as powerful visual mediums for conveying emotions, events, and stories.

April's inspiration stems from her life experiences, and she strives to encapsulate entire narratives within a single visual image, aiming to provoke strong emotions and connections with her audience. Her website features a collection of available paintings for purchase, and she graciously welcomes commission work, whether digital or painted, in collaboration with clients to create something beautiful from their inspiration.CV Here

Let's Zoom

I offer my customers the opportunity to learn more about me and the paintings through my exclusive Zoom meetings.  I can show you virtually the an original painting and I can tell you the story behind the creation.

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