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Pets Among Angels - The Complete Guide on Pet Loss by April Cotton Dyck

Pets Among Angels

The Complete Guide to Pet Loss

by April Cotton Dyck

Pets Among Angels, the Complete Guide to Pet Loss, is the go-to resource if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to pet loss and its associated grief.


Written by April Cotton Dyck, a pet owner who treats her many pets as family members, this book has been helping people cope with pet loss for over 20 years. After the success of the first edition, she is proud to present the NEW 2nd Edition.  


The NEW 2nd Edition includes a children's story about pet loss, written and illustrated by April Cotton Dyck (aka April Andrew, first edition published name)

available on Amazon - click link

She believes in providing an empathetic and safe environment for people to deal with pet loss. Her goal is to offer a comforting and understanding guide to help those grieving through the process of pet loss.

"The death of a pet can cause deep feelings of sorrow, guilt and loneliness for adults and families.  This book gives encouraging methods for helping the whole family, children and seniors included, to prepare, cope and heal at the death of their animal friend.


This book defines the stages of grieving, what you can expect to feel when you lose your pet through old age, illness, sudden accident or euthanasia.


Practical information on creating ceremonies to honor the deceased pet, examples of eulogies, funeral services for pets and condolence letters.


PLUS a bonus Children Story about a Turtle family and their pet goldfish “Bubbles”.


This book will help and inspire you.  Perfect Gift for someone you know who treats their pets as “family” - April Cotton Dyck

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