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Sketching Artist


Experience the wonders of the supernatural world with

April Cotton Dyck with her special Drawing Class for the Experiencer of Angels, Orbs, UFO/UAP, and the Supernatural, you will gain incredible knowledge and insight into this fascinating realm.

New Recorded Classes coming soon

  • Drawing is a powerful tool for remembering events and to record your experiences - A picture is worth a thousand words

  • You will be introduced to simple work tools and methods of drawing

  • Using the drawing techniques developed by Leonardo da Vinci you will learn that drawing uses the right side of the brain and taps into non local consciousness

  • You will learn to master da Vinci’s mind mapping techniques

  • Learn to be more confident in drawing your experiences or remote viewing exercises

  • Learn that drawing give us more spiritual presence, a rise of reality, spiritual interface, translation and telepathy

  • Learn how to practice and develop your skills in drawing

  • Homework assignments each week

  • Find your inner creative 

  • You will have more clarity of your experiences as the result of drawing them....

student feedback

student feedback
student feedback

 I did do a drawing of an ET head and attached it.  That was big for me as they’ve never shown themselves to me (where I

can remember it other than a regression) other than a head appearing out of

a ceiling vent when I was young, and a year or two ago, one came to me as

someone that looked like Leonardo da Vinci.  I think because of my childhood

experiences I don’t truly see them.  But most importantly, I told them

Saturday night they may appear to me and I did have one appear to me in my

room that night, trying to conceal itself in my coat rack so they wouldn’t

be “scary”.  It made me smile.  But the head was like the drawing.  So this

was all huge for me and drawing the head really helped and contact 100. 

Hi April

Here is your feedback from Season 3. We loved having you lifting and wayshowing for all of these people. You are amazing!  Zenka Caro



  • Good!

  • Very experienced, supportive and knowledgable

  • Yes as drawing a face opened a different doorway to where I was ready to see an ET in my room

  • She is a friendly and patient guide.

  • Calm

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